Sophomore Year Final Project 

The objective of this project was to take the floor plan of a small shotgun house located in downtown Louisville, KY and turn it into an after school daycare for children. I wanted the space to be for children to come and feel relaxed, ultimately to be a place for kids to be kids. The theme of the daycare is centered around nature. The main playroom area is designed around Earth's elements of land and water, and the quiet rooms are filled with calm yellows, oranges, and reds to symbolize the sun. 

front view of the main play area. 


view of the smaller quiet area. 

back view of the main play area. 

front view of the bigger quiet room. 

view of the storage and coat room. 


Interior Finishes Project 


This was a project for my Interior Finishes class. We had to use materials from the website "Material Bank" to create a rendering of a kitchen/dining room area.